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PCS: Post Concrete Semiotics, JAN 4 - FEB 20,2023 

A central discovery of modern experimental psychology is that human behavior is heavily influenced by external factors without the subject being fully aware of the influence. Behavior is sensitive to context and the mind is malleable, meaning it can be constantly shaped and reshaped by a myriad of causal factors. Human beings possess a large number of epigenetic traits, so it cannot be excluded that future and extended interaction with VR environments may lead to more fundamental changes, not only at the psychological level but also at the biological level.
The plasticity of the mind is not limited to behavioral traits - the illusion of reincarnation, for example, is possible because the mind is so malleable that it can even distort its own reincarnation. To be clear, embodied hallucinations can arise from normal brain activity and do not necessarily imply changes in the underlying neural structure. Such hallucinations naturally occur in dreams, for example, or in phantom limb experiences, out-of-body experiences, and body integrity identity disorders, and sometimes include changes in what is known in consciousness research as “unit of identity,” a phenomenon that relates to the conscious content we currently experience as “ourselves.”

“Objective clarity is an external concept”

Nighttimestory is pleased to announce “PCE: Post concrete era” a solo exhibition by Skygolpe.
As one of the leading artists in the digital art space, Skygolpe mixes  in his practice different digital and analogue elements, taken up by culture and the new contemporary aesthetics that characterize technology,  to achieve a hybrid result that lives in a middle ground between the virtual and real dimensions (mixed reality). 
In this show, Skygolpe blurs the lines of representation, inviting the visitor to question the normal boundaries between virtual and physical experiences and the long series of evocations generated by the works and by their arrangement/juxtaposition as symbols within the gallery. 
Through this open evocation and by focusing on the exterior and aesthetics of the technology, this project pushes the viewer to consider the decisive presence of the digital within their own lives and in their experiences.
In this exhibition, Skygolpe makes us become part of a research deliberately focused on the surface of technology, on the appearance, while describing with the ready-made works exhibited, a technological brutalism composed of symbols in constant becoming.


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