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COMPOSITE, AUG 08 - AUG 25, 2022 
Robert Dunne

Robert Dunne find the material and ideas for his work in everyday situations. The visual and physical memory of his environment affects everything he make. 
The process of making, for him, is a kind of reimagining or juxtaposition of things I’ve seen or experienced, creating alternative contexts which are half familiar

but new at the same time.

It is this very real hands-on experience which informs the physical parameters of the work.
Dunne look at things around and think about functionality, design, material and scale, and how time and need have shaped these things.

The work plays with familiar material, creating connections with and deriving meaning from their traditional usage, making the objects at times seem quite familiar.

As well as bringing form to the pieces the plaster both hides and exposes elements of the structural fabric of the work. The scraps of wood  were once part of

something larger and would have had another function or use. Once reassembled within this new context they exhibit residual traces of their former use.

  • contemporary art


  • art space

  • Nighttimestory

  • Nighttimestory

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