Nico Vascellari

JULY 07 2021

Conceived in 2019 for Nico Vascellari’s contribution to the15th Lyon Biennial, the video is an investigation of the relationship between human-animal-machine.
In the artist’s words:
“There are more than 40 car brands using the image of an animal as their trademark (such as Ferrari’s horse, Lamborghini’s bull, Peugeot’s lion, etc).
I then decided to create 9 animals in wax scaled 1:1, each one corresponding to a different car
Once the wax animals were ready, each one of them was mounted on a different car frontal hood, and was made sure that the 9 waxworks were fastened to the 9 cars.
Nine different stunt men were asked to drive the cars for three days and three nights. Each driver was previously instructed on how to pilot his car: without any plot or script, they had to improvise
their actions by imitating the animals’ natural behaviors (For instance, the wolf would be more active at nighttime hunting, whilst during the day he would only react to protect his territory).
Finally, the video is a documentary showing what has happened during those three days.”