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Mit Borras, //, APR 25, 2022 - MAY 20, 2022

Mit Borrás is a transdisciplinary and multidimensional artist. His work deals with the idea of  Adaptation through ergonomics and the relation between technological progress, human and nature. Through a holistic description of reality, With a superlative and manierist expression, his visual work stirs the Anthropocene's precepts:  evolution, prosperity, biodiversity and transcendency. It brings the viewer closer to a schamanic vision of the future, the frontiers of bioethics, techno religion, object engineering and meditation as a form of connection with transhumanism. Both installations and audiovisual work at the artist’s exhibitions imply the use of prosthetics and delicated atmospheres, giving the public an impression of entering gentle cave with a clinical atmoshphere of wellness, a feeling of serenity with a high-tech experience of connection with the biosphere through the posthuman.

  • contemporary art


  • art space

  • Nighttimestory

  • Nighttimestory

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