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Manuel Fois, Extrusions, JAN 01,2021 - MAR 10,2021

In the philosophy of language, the problem of translation is driven by the condition according to which one can enter the source language's essence, meaning, and proper sense, in the passage from one language to another. Yet various philosophers have pointed out that the translator must always remain within his horizon, in which he must order the meaning. Consequently, a simple transposition of the text's content from the source language to the target language presumes a passage of interpretation. The translator must decide whether to adopt the text to his language and try to minimize a possible extraneousness in this way or reproduce this extraneousness precisely with the means of his language. Night Time Story is pleased to announce 'EXTRUSIONS' the artist's first exhibition in the United States. The big space is divided into two areas, a dark room characterized by an intervention of editing on the lighting system of the space and a sound installation piece on the floor. In this room, we found many echo-dots that reproduce the ambient sound where each work, located in the second room, has been taken from. In the exhibition's illuminated part, there are extensive works obtained by industrial serigraphy technique on a mirrored glass support. Through painting and multimedia installation, Manuel Fois's work investigates the concept of language transmigration and the relationship between virtual and physical image. In the present in which the technology strongly influences private everyday events, the artist focuses on personal material recorded from commonly used devices such as smartphones and voice assistants, extracting from these data that will be converted in a visual spectrum that is the origin of his bidimensional work.



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