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Jorge Isla, Nothing new, MAR 24, 2022 - APR 10,2022

The black square is on us, in our hand, in our pocket, in front of our eyes. A flat, simple support with an inoffensive presence. It doesn’t require structures or architectures... it is not linked to great actresses or actors, it is not related to great geographical locations... except for San Francisco (where it is designed)
and China (where it is manufactured).
If the cinema as a site is a structure for projection and contemplation, the cinema as a place has undergone the necessary transformations according to the social moment it has lived: it has been at once spaces of protection, of rest and comfort, of business, of violence, as well as a place of reconciliation, of confrontation and of conflict. Spaces for learning and also for disconnection, spaces for consumerism and capital but also for resistance, culture and conscience. Aren’t some of these premises the promises of the black square
that Jorge Isla uses as a tool? Safer, more connected, closer, more operational.

Juan Pablo Orduñez 

Nothing New is an exhibition defined through a set of recovered broken screens of mobile phones -which deny their status as a figurative image due to their rupture which generates an abstraction- as a reflection of the modes of production and consumption of contemporary society, where, with its accumulation represents a recontextualization of a consumer article when it has already fulfilled its mission and it is obsolete, useless and far from a production system, establishing a new meaning based on a narrative based on the imposing physicality of a set of broken mobile screens in front of a dematerialized society and the oppression of the digital environment and capitalism on the human being, in addition to the almost absolute and vital dependence on the daily experience of our own community.

  • contemporary art


  • art space

  • Nighttimestory

  • Nighttimestory

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