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Jakob Collection for Nighttimestory, MAY 20, 2022
set up E-Werk-Freiburg on sa. 7th may 2022

Karla Zipfel
Raphaela Vogel
Heike Endemann 
Annette Merkenthaler
Boris de Beijer 
Heike Endemann
Isa Genzken 
Michael Sailstorfer
Ottmar Hörl 
Ramazan Can
Ryan Foerster
Maria Antelman

Nighttimestory is happy to announce its collaboration for this project with German private collector Lukas Jakob.
Lukas  built up his young collection around a complex, conceptual dialogue in analog and digital about regionalization and globalization, body and socialization, environment and social politics of the present. In various fields of tension between painting, sculpture, photography, installation and media art, the Jakob Collection examines current contemporary art on a regional and international level. The collection currently comprises 37 artistic positions in approx. 100 works. The Jakob Collection is located in Freiburg/Breisgau Germany. 

Photos taken by Jürgen Radke
couresty of the artists and Jakob Collection

  • contemporary art


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  • Nighttimestory

  • Nighttimestory

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