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Francesco De Prezzo

Nighttimestory is pleased to announce the exhibition "Kill the reference" by Francesco De Prezzo, which will not open on Friday, September 1st at 6 pm. The exhibition will only be accessible through its photographic documentation.

In his artistic practice, Francesco deals with boundaries, expectations, and perception and investigates how these important concepts affect the fruition of the world around us. Through his interventions and installations, De Prezzo provokes concealments and displacements, blockages and erasures, temporarily limiting what we look at.                              The works presented in "kill the reference" therefore deal with various issues related to vision and reflect an intense examination of how the perception of reality is often symbolised, structured, and defined through its narration.
Some clothes and personal objects are deliberately hidden by the artist, covered by white panels similar to very low tables, so that those who want to see more clearly have to bend down and look at things from a different perspective, shortening the relationship: exhibition/work/spectator until it "melts" into a single position.

  • contemporary art


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  • Nighttimestory

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