Facundo Jesus Lugea

Active cycles of constant expansions

MAY 01 - JUNE 03 2021

Active cycles of constant expansions" is an installation composed of a series of sculptures of objects that are arranged in space together with aluminum structures of a partial architecture
The way of working in installation allows Lugea to structurally plant a system in which movement, cyclicality and change are the protagonists. These minimal skeletons of structures mark a future direction in which the sculptures appear and disappear, posing a sequence that is given by the following.
Likewise, the sculptures ask once again to be seen, a detention. The load of different types of material origins and the different gestures, translate these pieces into a subtle and constant metaphor, which try to reflect on that cyclical part, more precisely, that intermediate point between the end of something and the beginning of another, such as an inapparent connection between the continuity of things.