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FUNKTIE, OCT 09 - OCT 30, 2022 
Erris Huigens / Deconstructie

"(...)In any case, there is a stark contrast between Modernist painting's literal embrace of objectivity —almost an art itself, it seems— and its self-imposed imperative to conquer or cancel its own objectivity through formal media. Indeed, from the point of view of modernist painting, the literal position not only expresses a feeling of being out of place with it, but also in opposition to it: as if from this point of view, the requirements of art and the conditions of objectivity are in direct conflict.

What is meant by "non-artistic state" in this context is meant by objectivity.

As if in the present situation, only objectivity can ensure the identity of something, if not non-art, then neither painting nor sculpture."


Nighttimestory is pleased to present "FUNKTIE", an exhibition by Erris Huigens (Deconstructie). In contrast to the reliance on minimalist objects, the artist’s artworks in this exhibition are designed to be in open dialogue with the exhibition context, but likewise, are designed to be conceptually and formally dependent on the viewer’s sight.

In Huigens' practice, installation art has always been a location-specific, time-based event that exists for the audience, under certain conditions.

Like a performance in a theatre; the objects of the ready-made installation become actors on the stage, while the artist reorganises/defunctions/elevates the object’s condition to the "presence", facing the audience to investigate new formal solutions each time, and new conditions for the existence of his research.

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