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A.C.M.E., DEC 20,2022 - JAN 2,2023 

Acme is a fictional company that appears in many works of fiction, particularly in cartoons and video games. The name is often used as a placeholder for a generic or fictional business
or corporation. The word "acme" is derived from the Greek term "ákme," which means "peak" or  "summit," and is often used to refer to the highest point or pinnacle of something. In fiction,  Acme is often depicted as a manufacturer of various products, ranging from the mundane to the absurd,  and is often associated with incompetence and humorous, in fact, acme products often do not work or perform unexpected or different functions than they should.   


The exhibition, which is in a particularly dark condition, can only be visited using the smartphone's flashlight, which is why we had to take all the photos with flash. J. Östlund's artistic practice explores the boundary between function and dysfunction, intervening internally in everyday objects and appliances to change their function. His work explores many different concerns, including the nature of identity, perception, and presence, and consistently questions and generates uncertainty in order to prevent closure. Artworks by any artist can be considered self-portraits, regardless of their subject matter being abstract or literal. Östlund invites the viewer to lower their usual level of attention and encourages a more intimate approach to the exhibition and the objects on display.

  • contemporary art


  • art space

  • Nighttimestory

  • Nighttimestory

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